Are you looking for a shared accommodation or a student room in Barcelona?

Accommodation and rooms 
of students in Barcelona

Barcelona because you study at a nearby University, you should take into account some things because you have several options.

You can live in a student or university residence, share a flat or rent a room to stay in or rent a home with other students

Student accommodation in Barcelona

Share a home or apartment with other students or a college residence

Student housing

!! Congratulations!! You already have a University! Now you need a home. One of the modalities that may be more interesting and economical for you is to opt for a shared home. One of the advantages is to share experiences with other students from different places in your first years of University

Students flat

Do you already know in which university you are going to study? An option that you may have weighed in and can be very attractive to you is to opt for a student flat in the area where you are going to study. By living with other students, you will share your experiences from the first years of University with people from different parts of the world

Universitary residence

If you already know the University where you are going to study and the area, another very good option is to opt for a University Residence, and also those offered by each University. For this, it is important to take into account the services offered by each one and the place where they are located

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